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New writers often become frustrated with their work. They know their manuscript doesn't sound quite right, but no matter how hard they work at rewrites, they hit a wall.
Stories need flushing out, stripped naked until all that is left are the bare essentials, leaving the writer free to add color and breath, rhythm, and tone. Only then can the writer's authentic voice be heard.
Shepherding writers and helping them discover the tools for story development, world-building, and character development is what I love to do
As your story hound and writing coach, I'll be your sounding board, creative consultant, and the voice of encouragement on your good and not so good days. I'll also instill discipline by reviewing rewrites.
The road from writer to author is long, lonely, and full of surprises. I'm there for you.
"I highly encourage anyone who wants to “get their story out” to work with Mandy. She has an intuitive way of tapping into the vulnerability living inside each of us and turning it into a force of its own. Thank you, Mandy." 
Lisa Luckenbach, Business Owner
For a full story development critique, you'll receive a detailed report and a comprehensive annotated manuscript with my suggestions 
Here's what I look for
  • Your main character's desires
  • The theme of your story 
  • Internal and external conflict
  • Continuity 
  • The arc of your story—how do things change or come full circle?
 "Mandy’s knowledge, wisdom, and integrity bring out the deepest expression from a novice writer—me. I value not only her experience but also her friendship. She is warm, inviting and absolutely genuine in her interactions with a writer starting out in delving deep in order to write a story with meaning, clarity, and authenticity of the heart. Thank you, Mandy!" 
Hildegard Alvarado
  • Do you have a story percolating?
  • Do you need help brainstorming ideas on a current writing project?
  • Do you want to understand why your writing isn’t working, why it doesn’t sound quite right?
  • Do you need help with world-building and character development?
  • Do you crave support and encouragement?
  • Do you want feedback?
  • Are you ready to enter a new phase of creativity?
Let's get started!
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