Person Writing
The act of writing requires unequivocal commitment. Creating memorable stories takes patience and practice. Creating unforgettable characters takes imagination, courage, and passion. 
We all have a story to tell, are you ready to write yours?

"Mandy is the best writing coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with! I’ve been working on my memoir for more than ten years now. Over that time, I’ve studied the art of writing with several different coaches and classes. Two of the things that make Mandy different is her positive attitude and encouragement. I never leave feeling overwhelmed or stupid. In fact, I leave her coaching sessions with a clear idea of what I must do to make my book better. Being an author herself, Mandy gets her points across in a way that other writers can easily understand. I feel confident Mandy is the key to getting my story down on paper in a way others will want to read it. After ten long years, that says a lot!"

Susan Hartzler

Signed a publishing contract for her memoir Loving Dogs and the Single Life with McFarland & Company.